1-page (4) color advertisement in the Expo Guide

Gold- $8000 
(Sold out)

Inside Spread

Additional Benefits Include:
- Complimentary Hotel room (2 nights)*
- Four (4) addtional complimentary badges

*Restrictions apply

Silver- $3000
(Sold out)

Choose One:

- Back Cover (sold)
- Inside Front Cover (sold) 
- Inside Back Cover (sold) 

Bronze- $1000 
2 available 

1/2- page (4) color advertisement in the Expo Guide


(page will include 2 ads)

Reception/Event Sponsorships
Event Branding Opportunity for your company

Platinum- $5000 
2 available 

Choose One:

- Keynote Speaker
- Mobile App 

Additional Benefits Include: 
- Complimentary Hotel room (2 nights)* 
- Four (4) additional complimentary badges

 *Restrictions apply

Diamond- $1500
2 available 

Choose One:

- Day 1 Education Session Coffee Break
- Day 2 Education Session Coffee Break

Emerald- $750
3 available 

Choose One:

- Tote Bag* (sold) 
- Lanyard* (sold) 
- (2 available) Reception  Cocktail Bar Sponsorship

*AFRDS provided for an additional $1000

À La Carte Sponsorships
Event Branding Opportunity for your company

Charging Kiosk - 
See below   

Choose One:

- $5000 Four (4) branded billboard charging tables
- $3000 Five (5) branded table-top charging stations

Contact AFRDS for detailed information.  Photo examples available here.

*Requires commitment by Oct. 15th, 2018

Wi-Fi Zone-

Wi-fi Zone on Exhibit Floor

Contact AFRDS for detailed information

*Requires commitment by Oct. 15th, 2018

Tote Bag Inserts- $250

Provide printed material or sample product for attendee tote bag.

In-Kind Contribution
Give Away Items

Sponsorship of giveaway item(s) at a reception and/or door prize to be drawn at Education Sessions and/or Annual Meeting.